About The Foundation


The Larry Hughes Family Foundation -to create a family support system by providing essential necessities to families with youth who have experienced financial hardships, providing them with the tools that will enhance their quality of life, also assisting families with youth dealing with illnesses relating to organ transplants (both those waiting for organ and those who have received organ).



To provide families with children who are less fortunate the necessary resources and support an opportunity to dream big and to reach for higher goals.



To work with other organizations in the community with an effort to maximize the need of promoting health, education and the awareness for the need of organ and tissue donations among all communities striving to make a difference.


Our History

The Larry Hughes Family Foundation was established in August 2000 by Vanessa Hughes. While named after her oldest son, NBA basketball player, Larry Hughes, the idea came about on behalf of her youngest son, Justin, born with a heart defect, which after several years and open heart surgery, resulted in his final option to live, a heart transplant.


The personal obstacles and boundaries that Ms Hughes has had to hurdle is what motivated and inspired her to start the foundation.


No child should have to go without medical attention or medication when dealing with a life-threatening illness. Nor should they have to forgo the support of family in crucial times of need, i.e. Organ donor or recipient.

Ms Hughes is asking everyone to realize the importance of donor awareness and remember that organ donors and their families can give another person not only the gift of life, but the opportunity to reach for the Stars!